Happy Mother's day..Mama :)

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Hello Readers,

Girl     : I will be grateful for that chance
            Even if it's for a while... Or just one day...

            or even just one hour..
            What do i want to do? (pause as if thinking very hard)
            I want to hug her tight....
            I want to kiss her face all over...
            I want to tell her how much i love her...
            But I know God loves you more than me, mom.

Boy     : (soft and sad voice) Sis..I want that too...

Situation :

The story behind the script is this child has lost her mother. She is explaining what it would be like to have another chance to see her and speak to her again.

bersama mama

Note : I'm grateful because i still have a mother..Happy Mother's day mom...love u..


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